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Lena Brock

Lena Brock

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Educational History:

I attended Benton High School from elementary to high school but my heart is in Atkins and I consider it my hometown. I graduated in 1973 with honors. I spent many years raising my family and then I decided to go to college. I graduated from Arkansas Tech University in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education. I then began teaching 4th grade at Atkins Elementary in the fall of 2003. In 2012 I decided to get my Master’s Degree.I graduated in 2014 with a Master’s in elementary education from Arkansas State University at Jonesboro. That same year I moved from 4th grade to teaching 3rd grade and have been here ever since.

Current Position:

I started subbing at Atkins Elementary in 1997. Due to my love of children and always wanting to teach, I went back to school and earned my degree to become a teacher. Teaching children has always been a passion. When I graduated from Arkansas Tech in December of 2002, I applied for a job at Atkins Elementary because I love my town and I feel extremely happy teaching the children of my hometown family. I was hired to teach at Atkins in 2003. I have been with the school district for 17 years or more depending on if you count all the years I subbed and have loved every minute. I started by teaching all subjects. We decided to departmentlize in 4th grade and I began to teach Language Arts. Shortly after that I moved to 3rd grade where I am still teaching Language Arts.

Family Information:

  I married my husband, Jim, in 1972. We will be married 46 years on November 19. We have two children, Melissa and Bob. Melissa graduated from Atkins in 1992 and has three children, my wonderful gradchildren, Ashton, Ardyn, Abron and three step children. Abron is a senior this year and is #62 for the Atkins Red Devils. Rhiannon is in the eleventh grade here at Atkins. Bob, graduated in 1994 and is married to a local gal, Charlotte (Norris), who graduated from Atkins in 1992. They have two beautiful daughters, Leila and Ava. We also have four wonderful fur babies, Rosie, Sugar, Albert, and Maximillion.

Personal Information:

One of my hobbies is junking, making old things new. I have a booth at Funky Junky in Russellville, Gotta Stop Flea Market in Morrilton, and The Painted Tree in Sherwood, Arkansas. I also enjoy reading. My favorite books are murder mysteries. I am very passionate about reading. I wish I had more time to read at home.

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